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Adam D.

Eastman School of Music, Class of 2020 Clarinet Performance

I talked to Dr. Andrus about auditioning for Manhattan School of Music and The Juilliard School Precollege programs…For months we worked on audition repertoire, scales, sight-reading, and audition taking strategies. Her guidance and mentoring served me well, as I was accepted into both programs and subsequently chose to study at Manhattan School of Music for the remainder of my high school career. I have no doubt that a large part of my success in those auditions can and should be contributed to Dr. Andrus. She made all the difference in my playing in a short amount of time, helping me to reach the next level and always pushing me to dig deeper.

My heightened awareness as an ensemble player is wholly due to Dr. Andrus’s teaching. She showed me how important it is to be constantly concerned with tuning, matching, phrasing, dynamics, articulation, blending, and many other aspects of clarinet playing…

On top of all of the wonderful aspects of her teaching, she is a wonderful woman and a pure joy to study with. I am grateful for her continued support of my musical endeavors.


Samantha J.

Temple University, Boyer College of Music and Dance, Class of 2020 Music Performance

Her personality is infectious, and there was an instant click between student and teacher that drove and motivated me to work as hard as I possibly could. She is very fun and easy to work with, and does an exceptional job of identifying and solving problems…In the year that I worked with Dr. A, I achieved all of the major short terms goals I had set for myself all throughout high school…To put it simply, she has helped me turn my dreams and aspirations into a reality.


Tess P.

West Chester University, Class of 2020 Clarinet Performance

I started studying with Dr Andrus the summer before my senior year. I remember being so nervous only to find one of the the most bubbly and friendly people I’ve ever met.

Months later I auditioned for colleges that Dr A had recommended…[and] I was awarded a talent scholarship to all of the schools. Without Dr A there’s no way I would be the player I am today and I’m extremely grateful for that.


David M.

Eastman School of Music, Class of 2019 Physics and Clarinet Performance

Dr. Andrus manages to maintain very high standards in her lessons while keeping the atmosphere light and enjoyable. Her instruction has been invaluable in getting my playing to where it is today.


Brooke C.

Penn State University, Class of 2019 Music Education

[Dr. Andrus] works so hard to make sure that all her students are constantly improving, working hard, and most of all, that they are happy. She helped me prepare for many auditions and knows exactly how to get her students to perform their best. I have improved so much as a musician and as a person by working with her. Dr. A is the best teacher I have ever had, and I would highly recommend her to any clarinet student.


Peter S.

Lehigh University, Class of 2017 Computer Engineering and Music Performance 2015 Winner, Friends of Music Young Artist Competition

Dr. Andrus has taken my clarinet playing to an extraordinary level in the two years I’ve studied with her. After I had been playing for eight years with no lessons, she opened my mind to a million nuances of playing that I had never even fathomed.

She has provided me with a number of opportunities for performing in ensembles and solo recitals, along with the support to help me achieve my goals technically and musically. She has been an amazing mentor and a fantastic person all-around.


Jonathan L.

Vanderbilt University, Class of 2017 Clarinet Performance

I began weekly lessons with Dr. A at the end of my sophomore year of high school and continued for two years until the end of my senior year. During that time, concepts that are now fundamental to my playing, such as breath support and proper embouchure formation, were introduced to me by Dr. A with incredible clarity. When I was applying to undergraduate music schools Dr. A’s advice was indispensable to me, helping me to prepare auditions and pick schools. She helped to make a potentially overwhelming amount of work very manageable. Taking lessons with Dr. A opened my eyes to how much there is to learn about playing the clarinet and helped instill a love of learning about the instrument; I would highly recommend her to any clarinet student searching for a teacher.


Lauren H.

Villanova University, Class of 2020

Dr. Andrus was always incredibly patient and supportive and gave me the confidence and skill to become a better clarinetist…Her passion for music and teaching is evident in the success of her students.


Melissa Z.

Clarinetist, Kansas City Wind Symphony Moravian College, Class of 2014 Music Education and German Historical Studies

Dr. Andrus helped me to set personal goals each semester. In order to achieve these goals, she offered her own expertise, utilizing meaningful exercises and literature. Dr. Andrus is an excellent teacher in all aspects. I am thankful for her friendship and expertise, which extends far beyond my college career at Moravian College.

Any student of any level would be lucky to have a teacher like her!


Val L. E.

Band Director, Tchefuncte Middle School, Louisiana Southeastern Louisiana University, Class of 2005

Clarinet playing became easier with Dr. Andrus as she paired me with better gear and broke my bad habits. She believed in me and my abilities even if I didn’t always see it in myself.

She celebrated the joys in my life such as my marriage, the birth of my three children, and my career successes. And she was a voice of comfort after the passing of my mother and brother. Dr. Andrus is more than just my college clarinet professor. She is my friend and a blessing to my life.